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Art and Design

Portfolio Club: Entertainment Designers

Kerrie Bellisario
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For concept artists, animators, gamers .... these lessons and projects are designed based on your goals and ideas.

Here is the class outline:

1. Observational Drawing

Drawing the human form from direct observation

2. Color Theory

Learning color theory principles, demonstrating understanding of key terms and applying new knowledge to works of art - both visual art and design.

3. Image as Story: Concepts in Narrative

4. The Andy Warhol Challenge

What is Pop-Art? Who was Andy Warhol? In this self-paced lesson, you will discover how the use of color and the idea of multiples can drive meaningful connections between ordinary subjects (such as shoes) and the audience by creating immersive experiences.

5. Advanced Entertainment Technology Concepts

Study advanced tools and processes in the Adobe Photoshop application to achieve concept art creation goals. Identify other chosen technology areas such as After Effects, Adobe Animate or other to further your skills for your chosen interest.

6. Portfolio Projects

The culmination of independent learning will be demonstrated through final portfolio pieces.

7. Reading: 12 Habits of Highly Effective Artists, From Creative Exercise to Living in Airplane Mode

8. Final Presentation

Demonstrate application of knowledge through a 5 minute presentation.

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