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Art and Design

Portfolio Club: Graphic Designers - come one, come all

Kerrie Bellisario
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Whether you will go into an advertising, branding, digital media, social media or print and packaging media design, get ready! This class has what you need, but best of all - for each project, tailor it to your industry so as to create a piece reflective of your style, your career and portfolio goals.

Here is the class outline:

1. Observational Drawing

Drawing the human form from direct observation

2. Color Theory

Learning color theory principles, demonstrating understanding of key terms and applying new knowledge to works of art - both visual art and design.

3. Branding 101

What does branding mean? What is a brand promise?

4. The Andy Warhol Challenge

What is Pop-Art? Who was Andy Warhol? In this self-paced lesson, you will discover how the use of color and the idea of multiples can drive meaningful connections between ordinary subjects (such as shoes) and the audience by creating immersive experiences.

5. Understanding Human-Centered Design

Using your "mystery envelope", conduct competitor market research, social media research and google searches to develop an understanding of consumer needs and perceptions of gaps in the need base.

6. Design your own magazine, zine or other print piece

Use your InDesign skills, as well as incorporating Illustrator and Photoshop, create a 4 page book (any size of your choosing.

7. Designing Your Own Pieces

As the culmination of your branding and customer-oriented design learning, you will now put your learning to work!

8. Reading: 12 Habits of Highly Effective Artists, From Creative Exercise to Living in Airplane Mode

9. Final Presentation

Demonstrate application of knowledge through a 5 minute presentation.

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