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Applied Science

Auto Body 1/2 (AM) - Applied Science Concepts

Scott Kindler
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Here is the class outline:

1. Science Pre Test

Baseline SGO pre test

2. Lab Safety

Please watch this video-we will be using the same chemical found in Drano and other's in the lab this year.

3. Atoms and Molecules

The "stuff" everything is made of!

4. Biting: A Chemical Reaction

The chemical reasons for biting and how to repair correctly.

5. Electricity basics

Video with great explanation of Volts, Amps, Current and Resistence!

6. Alternative Energy

"Moving away from fossil fuels"

7. Electric Vehicles

How Tesla vehicles are made

8. Plastics

Video's about plastics and working with plastics in auto repair

9. Zinc Galvanization

The Galvanization process and how to safely weld galvanized steel.

10. Aluminum Body Panel Repair

Repair of Aluminum Body Panels

11. Grain Structure in Metals

What are "Grains" and what is "Grain Structure" in metals?

12. Understanding Bridges

Different types of bridges, designs and failures

13. Science SGO Post Test

Summative SGO post test

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