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Career Technical Education

Pre-Clinical Medical Assistant

Sean Wilson
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Here is the class outline:

1. Urinary System

The urinary system removes most of the liquid waste from our body's metabolic processes in order to maintain homeostasis

2. Endocrine System

The Endocrine system is like the conductor of an orchestra. Sending signals for certain organs and systems to work at a particular time in order to help maintain homeostasis

3. Digestive System

The digestive system is one of the systems which provides the fuel to produce the energy our cells need to operate.

4. Integumentary system

The integumentary system

5. Nervous System Chapter 9

The nervous system is our body's electrical wiring. It is responsible for sending and receiving signals to and from the brain in order to promote homeostasis.

6. Muscular System Chapter 8

This chapter will complement the skeletal system as they must work together to provide movement.

7. Chapter 7 Skeletal System

This unit will discuss the skeletal system's role in maintaining homeostasis, provided movement and protection as well as mineral storage.

8. Circulatory System Chapter 12

This unit will discuss how the heart and associated blood vessels circulate oxygenated blood and remove waste products to maintain homeostasis. Make sure you really focus on terminology and the review questions at the end of the chapter

9. Respiratory System

The respiratory system compliments the circulatory system by facilitating gas exchange in the blood and remove carbon dioxide to promote homeostasis.

10. Basic Anatomy & Physiology Chapter 5

This unit will introduce the student to the various aspects of the study of the human body and the introductory terminology associated with health care workers. This unit will only provide a general overview of the systems of the body. In the resources section you will find the chapter 5 power point to review as you need. furthermore, reading the chapter and answering the chapter review questions will provide you with the needed practice.

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